Wedding reception centerpieces with lanterns could be your best option for your upcoming wedding feast. It is only a matter of method on how to do and execute your idea into a real décor. Surely, there are countless numbers of ways people may use different types of lanterns for their wedding centerpieces. Some may done it in a luxurious and elegant way, others may make their centerpieces quite simple yet gorgeous. The choice is absolutely yours. When budget is not the issue, married couples could do anything they want with their wedding reception centerpieces with lantern. However, for those who only have a limited budget, does not mean that they cannot have the best wedding reception centerpieces with lantern. In fact, they can even make it more special due to their creativity by making their DIY wedding centerpieces.

Examples of Simple and Easy Weeding Reception Centerpieces with Lantern

You may not believe that being simple does not mean to be cheap. You can still create an elegant wedding centerpiece with simple designs. In fact, you can even make the centerpiece yourself. Just, explore and let out your creativity, do not be afraid because you will be surprised on what it may come out. These lantern will not only become your focal point but to light the table as well. Here are 3 examples of simple wedding reception centerpieces with lanterns

Simple Chinese Paper Lantern Centerpiecewooden

chairs is what you need for the feast. Adorn the table with clean white tablecloth. Regular white plate, stainless steel utensils and  crystalA large round dining table with 6 to 8 black  wine glass are to be placed in front of each chair. Add black napkin that is folded in a triangular shape on each plate. Prepare 2 different sizes of Chinese paper lanterns to be the focal point at the center of the table. Choose the color as you wish. Yellow lanterns would be great since its vibrant color will do great against the black napkins and white tablecloth. Beautify the entire decor by sprinkling white and yellow flower petals around the lanterns.

White Sleek Lantern Centerpiece

This time you are going to need a rectangular reception wooden table with white wooden folding chairs. The scene would be outdoor, maybe you can choose to hold it in your backyard or front yard because the idea to use wedding centerpieces with lanterns is to bring light to each table. Adorn the table with white tablecloth. Make a table runner by using a pink tile in the center of the table. Two different sizes of white sleek candleholder lantern would be the focal point of your table. Place a large rectangular mirror in the center of the pink tile, and put the lantern on top of it. Two different heights of candle are put in the taller lantern. One candle is for the shorter one. Put one tiny square votive holder on the left and right side of the lanterns on top of an orange tile. The mirror will make the glow from the lanterns brighter.

White Railroad Candle Lantern Centerpiece

Magical patterns haunt the night, cast by the intricate panels of this stunning Moroccan marketplace lantern. Adds an instant touch of the exotic to everyday life! Weight 1.2 lbs. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5″ diameter x 12″ high. Three mini white railroad candle lanterns will be the focal point of your reception table. Simply dress a large round wooden table with white tablecloth and put the 3 lanterns in the center of the table, Wrap a box with shiny golden paper and beautify it with squared gold, red and black large ribbon. Put one of the lanterns on top of it. Sprinkle orange and red flower petals around the lantern to complete the décor.