Wedding decorations with lantern can be the great way to bring any nuance and ambience you would like to present o your wedding reception or ceremony. As a matter of fact, there are a number of decorations you could create by using your favorite lantern to adorn the unforgettable moment in your life.

Wedding Decorations With Lantern #1: Aisle Marker

You can let out all of your imagination to create your one of a kind wedding decorations with lantern for the aisle marker, particularly when you hold your wedding ceremony outdoor. A simple decoration may make a stunning impression on your guests due to your creativity and sense of art.

Here are 2 examples on how to make a gorgeous wedding decorations with lantern:

Simple yet Chick Paper Lantern Aisle MarkerYour guests will be sitting on a row of light brown wooden folding bench with flat rectangular white cushion on each bench during your “I do” session. They will be surprise with the simple aisle marker you make that is to say a globe blue paper lantern that is nicely hung on the chair with a wide red ribbon. A bow on the top of the lantern will only add to beauty to the scene. Metal Lantern Aisle MarkerThis type of aisle marker will do great when you hold the ceremony in the meadow or a place with grass on it. White wooden benches are where your guests will be sitting during the ceremony. A giant sleek black metal lantern is placed on every aisle not only to adorn the scene but help the guest to find their seats as well. Fill the lantern with a bouquet of white flower and you have your chick aisle marker.

Wedding Decorations With Lantern #2: Wedding Cake

In this type of décor you will only have to ask the cake shop to make you a wedding cake with a lantern form. You can as well ask them to put some lighting inside so as to make the cake resemblethe real lantern.

Wedding Decorations With Lantern #3: Wedding Table Décor

There are many ways to create a wedding décor that will impress the guests. The following are two examples on how to create a table décor using lanterns where guests can place their card in. Wooden Lantern Table DécorTwo different models of antique wooden lantern will be the focal point of your table décor. Fill up the smaller lantern with a candle at the appropriate size. The bigger one should be the place where guests can put their wedding cards in. Add the couples’ photo in a dark brown wooden frame in front of the lantern. Rustic Lantern Table DécorPlace a rustic lantern in a small white wooden table. This lantern would be the place where guests can put their cards. Next to the lantern would be a tall white vase with white flower arrangement. A rustic basket that holds the wedding program will complete the entire table décor.

Wedding Decorations With Lantern #4: Wedding Ceremony Location Décor

A simple example on having lantern in this décor category would be placing 3 different sizes of large rustic lantern on the nearby location. Each lantern should hold a candle each that suits their sizes.

Wedding Decorations With Lantern #5: Wedding Reception Centerpiece

Innumerable ways on how to create gorgeous lantern centerpiece for each wedding reception are available before your very eyes. You can simply browse through the internet for a great idea that suits your wedding theme best.