Wedding centerpieces with candles and flowers may be among the most popular centerpieces chosen by the couple from all over the world. The reason would be very simple: because those two things are pretty easy to look for and can be easily arrange into various different ways to match every couple’s wedding theme and room decoration. If you are on a budget for your wedding reception, perhaps, you can try the following simple wedding centerpieces with candles and flowers. You will not only be able to grant your guests with inexpensive yet stylish and gorgeous centerpieces, but you can make your centerpieces as your wedding favors as well.

5 DIY Wedding Centerpieces with Candles and Flowers

Mirror CenterpieceThis pretty easy DIY wedding centerpieces with candles and flowers will grant you a serene illumination and the glows coming from the votive candles will radiate throughout the feasting table. Prepare a tall cylindrical glass vase filled with water and freshly cut roses at the hues color of your wedding theme. You can also choose your own favorite flower, too instead of roses. Cover the bottom of the vase with a ribbon at the matching color with the flower. Place the vase in the center of a round mirror. Circle the vase with several votive candles placed in some glass votive holders. The shimmering light will brighten your romantic evening reception table.

Votive and Flower Centerpiece

When it comes to wedding centerpieces with candles and flower, there are so many ways that people can do and explore to make them best suited with their wedding theme. This simple centerpiece will have you to prepare a rectangular saucer, a tall glass vessel, a flower and a votive candle. Place the votive candle in the tall glass vessel, place them on the saucer filled with water. Attach a freshly cut flower of your choice onto the glass vessel and tie it with tiny ribbon or raffia at the matching color . You can pick either a dahlia, a rose or other flower at your chosen color). Make sure that the flower stem stands on the water-filled saucer to keep it fresh. Sophisticated CenterpieceSo, you want to have your wedding centerpieces with candles and flowers and you want the reception to be in a more elegant way; this is what you can do. Set a long reception table in a plain white tablecloth with silvery cutleries. Prepare at least 3 silvery tall urns to be placed on the table. Filled the with white dendrobium orchid. Add some silvery candleholders to hold tall tapers between the urns and some votive candles placed in silver candleholders scattered on the table to lighten up the evening.

Flames That Is FloatingIn this wedding centerpieces with candles and flowers, you will need some flower arrangements consists of rose, hydrangea and orchid at a spherical form to be placed on a long reception table. Adorned the table with some tall glass vessels with floating candles inside. Bluish and diamond-patterned tablecloth will freshen the nuance. Flower and TaperWedding centerpieces with candles and flowers are very common, yet they can bring different nuance to the space and the entire room depends on the theme brought by the couple. Here, you will have a very simple one that will only consist of a taper, a floral frog, a floral-patterned shallow bowl and some flower blooms of your own choice. Attach a floral frog onto a shallow bowl with candle wax at the center. Push in a tall taper on the floral frog. Clip some flower blooms (it is better for you to choose ones with large bloom) and make the arrangement where the blooms are placed around the candle.