A wedding anniversary is a celebration between a couple that takes place in the subsequent years of their marriage, usually during the same month and day of the wedding. Couples who got married on February 29 and those that cannot celebrate on the exact day usually celebrate their anniversary afterwards. Married people who see this day as a special day often prepare something special for each other, in the form of a fancy dinner or exchange of symbolic gifts.

During the 25th and the 30th wedding anniversary, the couple’s immediate family is often included in the invitation. A special holiday for the whole family may take place. Most couples reaching this stage of their marriage also tend to mark the end of their child-rearing responsibilities. On the other hand, friends and extended family may also be invited for the preparations and celebration of the 40th and subsequent wedding anniversaries. At this point, the couple may already have grandchildren, which should also be a part of the celebration. Aside from the celebration of wedding anniversaries, exchange of symbolic gifts are also common among couples. In the past, most married people follow traditional gift ideas, for instance, paper for the 1st year, silver for the 10th, gold for 50th, and diamond for 75th wedding anniversary.

Today, however, these traditional gift ideas already have their modern counterparts, like silverware for 5th instead of wood, and watches for the 15th wedding anniversary, instead of crystals. In some places, special greetings from their country leaders may also make a couple’s anniversary more special. For instance, in the UK and Commonwealth countries, Queen Elizabeth II may give her greetings to couples celebrating their 60th, 65th, 70th and subsequent wedding anniversaries after the 70th. Greetings may also come from the president of the United States for wedding anniversaries after the 50th.