Budding tulips announce the coming of spring. These flowers bring forth new joys, new happiness and new hopes. What can be more suitable than a tulip wedding theme to make known to one and all that two lives are finally committing to each other to be one.


Deciding on a tulip wedding theme is a grand idea as these flowers depict elegance. For the decorations, you may want to use white and green as your main colors and then use pastel colors as your accents. For the reception area, the traditional white table cloths will most likely be used. Apart from being cost effective, this is most suitable as white will complement any table topper. You can use a green linen table topper. Another idea is to carefully scatter green confetti on the white covered table. For the centerpiece, a glass vase of different colored tulips would be enough. Tulips are already elegant flowers and adding more decorations can spoil the effect. Another idea is to buy tulip plants on colored plastic pots. Tie a raffia ribbon on the pots and arrange several pots in every table. These potted tulip plants can be your wedding favors as guests can take them home once the wedding party is over. For a more romantic ambiance, stick tulip candles on the pots.  Twisted white crepe paper interspersed with green crepe paper can decorate doorways. Same colored crepe papers can be made into swags to decorate the buffet table, the cake table as well as the table for the gifts. Tie the swag with raffia ribbons and insert several colored tulips.

Tulip Wedding Theme Favors

If you are handy with paints and your partner is a budding DIY enthusiast, you can create a one of a kind tulip wedding favors. You can paint wine glasses with tulip flowers.  Buy wine glasses and some glass paints from a craft store. Cut tulip stencils and tape inside the wine glass and then paint the surface of the glass. Your partner may then want to make wooden boxes for your tulip wine glasses.  You can give tulip shaped home made soaps. Place tulip soap on the ceramic soap dish and wrap in raffia. Another tulip wedding theme favor idea is to make tulip shaped candles. The candles can be placed in hand painted glass bowls. Guest would surely love your tulip wedding theme favors.