So, what makes up the best bridesmaid speeches? Well, there’s no hard and fast rules but there are some guidelines.

  • It’s normal to expect a few butterflies, but with proper preparation you won’t be overly nervous.
  • You don’t want your speech to be too long, or too short.
  • If you’re going to use humor, make sure it’s appropriate for who will be in attendance. There’s nothing worse than an attempted funny wedding speech that’s anything but funny.
  • When relating a humorous story about the bride, don’t embarrass her in any way or put her in a bad light. Make sure it’s endearing.
  • Make sure your speech honors the wedding party and all guests.
  • Don’t write out your wedding speech word for word. Use 3 x 5 cards to make an outline of points to cover.
  • While you can use notes, it’s an extra bit of polish to have your bridesmaid speech memorized, if you’re up for it. I’m not talking about reciting your wedding speech, but having an outline committed to memory and speaking naturally. Again, this is not necessary to have a touching and memorable bridesmaid speech, but it bears mentioning.
  • Take a cue from the best man speech. If he speaks before you, pay attention and see if there’s a point or a story you can refer back to in your speech. This will make it sound like you’re speaking naturally, on the spur of the moment.
  • Beware alcohol. The drinks can flow pretty freely at the wedding reception, and they can impair you’re ability to make a great bridesmaid speech. Be careful until after your speech.
  • Practice! And it doesn’t hurt to do it in front or a mirror either. Practicing in front of small group, like some family members can also be helpful. You might also practice your wedding speech into the web cam on your computer and record it. Then you can watch it objectively and make positive adjustments.

Remember, being prepared doesn’t mean you care any less or that you’re bridesmaid speech is any less heartfelt, in fact it shows just the opposite.