Everybody loves summer. That is one main fact that people of all ages cannot deny, and soon-to-be-married couples are no exception to that. Statistics show that more than a thousand of couples from around the world are thinking of a summer wedding theme, something that can keep them free from any etiquette that the traditional way of tying a knot has been demanding.

This preference is rapidly growing for several good reasons, not just because summer allows couples to enjoy beautiful sunshine. The primary reason that people prefer to be wed during summer is that many possibilities particularly on spaces are available for couples to choose from. Yes, they can make their own summer wedding almost anywhere, and this is considered an advantage as it somehow makes a wedding not just unique but something that guests will not forget. Although that said, making a wedding in summer perfect is still no easy process. A task requires proper and careful planning. Wedding, after all, is one sacred event that both parties must be sure of. It is the one that binds couples together, thus a single mistake made can definitely turn a wedding imperfect. So when planning for a memorable summer wedding, think first a particular summer wedding theme you can use for the event.

Tremendous options are available for you to choose. The most known of them by far is the beach themed wedding. Wedding on the beach can allow couples and their guests to enjoy the most apparent asset of the season – sunshine. They will be exposed to it, depending on the time of the day that the event is held. Other than that, beach can provide people stunning views of the sea and the nearby sights. The guests can even walk around on their bare foot and they can go swimming after the ceremony on their swimsuits. To make the event more memorable, try to serve a variety of seafoods to match the wedding theme. But don’t assume that you can show just up on the beach one day and hold your wedding. To host a beach wedding, you’ll likely need to contact your City Clerks’ Office, or get in touch with whatever municipal agency handles beach rentals in your area.

If you’re planning to get married on a beach that isn’t near you (as in the case of a destination wedding), the Tourism Agency or Chamber of Commerce in the area where you’d like to get married can put you in touch with the people in charge of beach rentals. Of course, there are a number of different cautions to keep in mind when hosting a beach wedding during the summer. First of all, there’s a good chance that your wedding might not be as private as you’d like. Especially during the summer time, there will be plenty of other people enjoying the beach, so you could wind up with some unintended guests serving as a backdrop to your wedding pictures! It’s also important to think about the potential weather during your beach-themed summer wedding. Summer can be an unpredictable time for storms, so it’s important to have a backup plan in case your beach wedding gets rained out. You should also consider your guests’ mobility and comfort. If you have elderly relatives attending, you may need to make arrangements for them to get to the ceremony site of your beach wedding, and you may want to provide chairs for them to use during the wedding.

Garden wedding is but another notable theme to apply in summer. What makes this option considerable is that it provides people the chance to enjoy all that nature has to offer. There are the singing birds and wonderful shrubs and flowers that can soothe you and your guests’ feelings. One way to enhance this theme though is to decorate the garden with certain miniatures of the nature’s elements. You can set birdcages as your centerpiece. If you don’t have a garden suitable for a summer wedding at your home, you can always look for city- or county-run botanical gardens or arboretums in your area that host weddings. One nice thing about choosing these facilities instead of hosting your summer garden themed wedding at home is that their staff members will be on hand to help you set up for your event. You can also take advantage of their reception facilities, restrooms and air conditioning to make your garden themed wedding as easy and comfortable as possible. As what you may notice, both the beach and garden wedding themes are set outdoor. Whichever of them you may choose to take, try to make sure that everything matches with the summer wedding theme you are considering. This is where the importance of choosing the right favors, invitations, wedding cakes, and other accessories comes in.