Seashells could have reminded you of the beach vacations you had as a child. This may have influenced you to opt for a beach wedding with a seashell wedding theme. Your seashell collections will help you create appealing wedding invitations and wedding favors. As starters for the seashell wedding theme, seashells should be depicted in your wedding invitation. This does not mean though that you have to comb miles of beaches to look for attractive seashells for the wedding invitation.

If you are handy with computer graphics software you can create your very own seashell wedding invitation. Aside from being a cost effective idea, this will give you the chance to showcase your creative flair. As in every wedding, it is necessary to decorate the venue not only to delight the bride and the groom but the guests as well. For a centerpiece, you can use a fish bowl half filled with sand, embellish with seashells of different sizes and colors and then put in a candle at the center. This will lend an air of romance to the setting. Another centerpiece idea is to carefully scatter sand at the center of the table and place an artistic arrangement of conch shell, a piece of small driftwood and a spray of orchids. To go with the seashell theme, use large clam shells to hold napkins with seashell imprints.

Seashell shaped candles can be made to float on crystal bowls filled with blue dyed water and used to decorate the buffet. Another idea is to decorate the serving tables with topiary trees decorated with seashells and gauze colored ribbons.  For the wedding favors, you can give the guest seashell shaped molded chocolate candies, handmade soaps in the form of seashells and seashell gel candles. These entire seashell wedding theme favors can be wrapped in a shell printed wrapper you have made yourself or in cute little tulle or organza tote bags. These wedding favors will be doubly appreciated by your guests as they would know that in spite of being busy with the wedding preparation you made time to create wonderful wedding favors to show your appreciation for their presence in the most important event of your life.