It is often said that a rose is the flower of love. What can be more apt than choosing a rose wedding theme? The fragrance coupled with the array of vibrant colors makes roses a favorite wedding flower. A rose wedding theme can either be formal or casual.  If a casual wedding theme is chosen, the wedding colors would have to be pastel. As roses are available in all colors of the rainbow, it would be up to the bride to decide whether she has to stick to one color or to use a combination of different pastel colors. Whatever the decision maybe, it is important that the dresses of the attendants would be of the same style.

Wedding Attire: 

The bride can wear the traditional white gown heavily embroidered with roses. A tiara or a wreath of roses would anchor a rose trimmed veil to the head. The bouquet would naturally be made of roses. The bride may choose to have a particular color or have a combination of different colored roses for her bouquet. The style of the bridesmaids dress should be the same but the bride can decide whether to have the same or different colors. The idea however is to choose pastels and not the more vibrant colors of the roses. It really would depend on the bride whether she would like her bridesmaid to carry a single rose or a posy of different colored roses. If the rose wedding is casual, the groom and the groomsmen should avoid wearing black suits. Dark blue suits or bottle green suits will be most suitable. The cummerbund could match the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Another idea is to match the boutonniere to the rose carried by the bridesmaids.


Decorate the wedding arch with climbing roses and ferns. For the reception, balloons that would mirror the colors of the roses can be used to decorate the tables. Another idea is to imprint the balloons with roses. You can have an arbor set up where the cake is situated. Again, the arbor will be decorated with roses to show the rose wedding theme.