Being an accountant, I prepared a budget when we started planning our big day about 12 months before our wedding. Tess asked me at that time whether I was going to make provision for a wedding planner. I told her not to be so ridiculous and that it was money that was better spent on other elements of the wedding.

Fast forward six months and I realised how wrong I was!

So after doing some research on wedding planners in the area, I picked up the phone and called Ruth. This was definitely the most important call that I made during the whole wedding planning process. From that point on, she made me feel that everything was under control. After talking to us at the start, Ruth helped us agree the theme of our wedding (the fact that weddings had to have a theme was new to me!) and went away and came back with a design book of some fabulous ideas. The invitation that she designed was stunning and started the musical theme for our wedding.

As with planning any wedding, there were problems to deal with. Whilst some were minor and to be expected some were slightly more critical such as the loss of the Wedding Reception venue only 3 months before the wedding! Ruth dealt with all problems efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Tess used to tell me that I’d visibly relax after we had our periodic catch up meetings with Ruth. I could go on about the work that Ruth did before the day itself but I’d run out of space. From introducing Tess to the lovely Nina who made her dress, to designing and organising the printing of the ‘wedding gig’ posters to put up on the side of the road, the list goes on

On the day of the wedding, the venue looked sensational. Ruth was there to ensure that everything ran according to the plan that we’d discussed and agreed allowing us to relax (as much as you can relax on your wedding day!) and enjoy the day. Everybody who went to the wedding complimented us on the day and I know that a couple of people asked Ruth for her card. From a financial point of view, Ruth was also excellent at trying to minimise cost without impacting on the quality of the wedding. Whilst I don’t ever plan on getting married again(!), I think that the biggest compliment that I would pay Ruth is that if I did, the first cost that I would provide for in my wedding budget would be for her.