If you’ve had to make bridesmaid speeches in the past, then maybe you’ve shared some of the challenges I’ve faced. Things like nervousness, not knowing what to say, how long to talk, if it should be a funny speech or a serious one, etc.

Then again, if you’ve never done it before and you have a bridesmaid speech coming up in the near future, you might be a little more than terrified like I was my first time. One helpful tip is to start jotting down some memories of times you’ve shared with the bride in the past. Serious or funny, it really doesn’t matter, and don’t worry about any sort of order for now. This will help you create an outline for your bridesmaid speech.

In the near future I’ll provide some examples of bridesmaid speeches so you can see what others have had success with in the past. There’s nothing like seeing the results of a little field testing! There are so many wedding speeches given on that special day, like the grooms wedding speech, the brides speech, the best man speech, the matron of honor speech, the father of the bride speech and on and on. How will you make your bridesmaid speech stand out? How will you be admired and remembered?

It’s simple really. You’ll have something no one else has, and that’s top notch preparation. Most everyone else will be “winging it.” There will be attempts at funny wedding speeches that will fall flat with the audience. Some will be too serious and drag on too long. But yours will be perfect; the right length, the right content and the right emotions. Before you know it, brides will be asking you to be in their wedding just because of your prowess at making bridesmaid speeches.