It is uncommon for couples to renew their marriage vows on their 30th wedding anniversary, but 30 is still a significant number. Imagine 3 decades of being with only one person that you cherish the most. Keeping the fire of your love burning for this long is really an achievement. Additionally, many couples also celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary as this often coincides with the end of the child-rearing stage of their lives. If you are not after a big party, a simple dinner and exchange of symbolic gifts is enough celebration for you and your partner.

Pearl is the traditional material associated with 30th wedding anniversaries. This is the reason why it is usual for an individual to give a pearl present on this special day. If you are a man, you may find that it is not hard at all to buy the suitable gift for your wife, especially if you have the right funds for it. A pearl necklace or a pair of earrings is a classic. You can also give your lady a bracelet, hair pin, clasp, pendant, or anything that has a pearl on it. The elegance of pearl is sure to profess how you feel for your wife without even saying it.

If you are a woman, it becomes a little more complicated to choose a gift for the man of the house. The majority of men is hesitant to wear a jewelry with a pearl on it. For this reason, you may want to shift to the more modern gift material for 30th wedding anniversaries, which is diamond. Watches and rings adorned with diamonds are perfect as gifts. There is no doubt that these pieces are expensive, but in most cases worth it for the man that you are married to for 30 years. Both pearl and diamond gift items are expensive to buy. Of course, you also have other less costly gift options that are equally special and meaningful. Mother of pearl is often a good alternative to pearl. For instance, you can buy brushes and knives with mother of pearl handles. A mother of pearl picture frame with your favorite photo in it will also be appreciated for love that lasted for 30 years is proven to be beyond what is superficial.