Simple wedding centerpieces will be one of your crucial consideration when you are about to hold a wedding feast for your guests. The core of any centerpieces is to be the main decoration that is meant to attract all the guests’ attention. That is why Simple wedding centerpieces or any other kinds of centerpieces are usually made in an eye-catching form. There are various different ways to create unique and one-of-a-kind Simple wedding centerpieces to fit any of your wedding theme. You can even make them yourself with a little taste of art and creativity. In fact, DIY Simple wedding centerpieces are usually come in a cheaper prize that will help you to save your budget. To help you create your very own Simple wedding centerpieces ideas for your upcoming wedding, you can simply continue reading the following passage.

Simple Wedding Centerpieces Ideas for Your Memorable Wedding

The following are 5 DIY Simple wedding centerpieces to meet your wedding theme:

1. Balloon Simple wedding centerpieces

We may recognize that balloons are commonly referred to kids and their birthday parties. As a matter of fact, you can change the same balloons usually used on birthday parties into stylish Simple wedding centerpieces that will decorate the space where you are about to hold the wedding feast. The secret to make them into an adult decoration is by choosing ones that comes in simple color palette such as white, light pink, light yellow and light orange. Of course, you have to choose the colors that match your theme perfectly. By adding ribbon to hang the balloons while making them as the garland on the ceiling you have just made your own stylish simple wedding centerpieces.

2. Fruit And Vegetable Centerpieces

You might be a little startle with the idea of making your simple wedding centerpieces from fruits and veggies. In fact, they may come into a gorgeous and natural centerpiece when you laid them across your reception table. Tomatoes, purple eggplants, banana and other kinds of fruits and veggies of your choice can be gorgeously arranged in a tiered rack that are adorned with candles to make your guests feel cozy and home.

3. Rose Centerpieces

This kind of simple wedding centerpieces are pretty easy to make and will grant you the ambience of sublime and simple on your wedding feast. Choose some fresh roses at your delighted color to match the theme and simply place then in an old-fashioned fishbowl filled with water. The floating roses will look gorgeously in front of your guests. Adorned the table with small votive filled with a floating rose and candles to spark the serene feast.

4. White Centerpiece

This is not only simple wedding centerpieces to make but also a cheap one. You are going to need some white lunch bags and any kinds of white blossoms of your own option. Turn the lunch bag into containers spring with small blossoms and arrange them to represent the freshness of the farmer’s-market.

5. 2-in-1 simple wedding centerpieces

You can simply group a number of potted plants of your own choice or a chosen flower in a vase that match your wedding theme together. They will make beautiful centerpieces. When the feast was over, you can ask your guests to take one of those

6. flower or plants as the wedding favor.

Hopefully, the above simple wedding centerpieces will inspire you to explore your taste of art and creativity for more simple wedding centerpieces ideas.