Wedding centerpieces with crystals are among the most popular ones chosen by countless numbers of married couple from all over the world. The elegant, luxurious, classic and glam ambience brought by this adorable crystal seem to have melted every couple’s heart to pick it. Some are maybe too expensive to afford. However, you can always find the best way to achieve your wedding centerpieces with crystals at a lower budget. The following examples of centerpieces that make the best use of crystal may help you to dig your own idea and imagination for your best upcoming wedding centerpieces.

Wedding Centerpieces with Crystals to Consider 

Here are 4 ideas that include hanging crystals for wedding centerpieces to help you have a picture of how crystals are gorgeously used as wedding centerpiece:

Luxurious Crystal Chandelier Centerpiece

A gorgeous acrylic crystal chandelier is supposed to be hung above a round reception table. The tip of its dangling beads is about to reach the table at its cone shape. Gorgeously arranged purple orchid is placed on top of the chandelier. Adorn the table with metallic white tablecloth to match the silvery metal chairs. Put a number of glass wine with floating candle inside at the center of the table. The shimmering light will make the hanging crystals for wedding centerpieces look more elegant and gorgeous.

Crystal Wedding Centerpieces

Candelabra With Dangling Crystals Centerpiece In this luxurious hanging crystal for wedding centerpieces, you will need an artistic crystal candelabra adorn with a sphere red flower arrangement on top of it. Beautify the centerpiece with dangling crystal beads on each branch. Dress up the round reception table with white tablecloth that has black abstract patterns and crystals glassware to match with the black metal chairs.

Wedding Centerpieces with Crystal Candelabra

Glam Tree branches with Hanging Crystals A gorgeous tree branches at dark brown color is adorned with dangling crystals and a number of red, white and pink tone tiny flower blooms on its Adorn the table with metallic golden tablecloth and red flower arrangement around the tree branch.

Glass Container with Dangling Crystal Strands Centerpiece

Prepare 4 tall cylindrical glass containers at different heights as a media to display a fresh sphere flower arrangement in only one stem. You can choose tulip, hydrangea or lily for the flower arrangement at your desired color. Beautify the glass with dangling crystal strands. Place them on a round reception table dressed up in a metallic white tablecloth. Adorn the table with a bunch of tiny plants at green and yellow color tone.

Tall Vase with Crystal Balls Centerpiece

In this wedding centerpieces with crystals, you will require a tall sleek cylindrical vase that is filled with a number of crystals balls (5 would be better; but it also depends on the height of the vase and the balls size. Beautify the vase with rich feathers at your own chosen color so as to the fathers looks like the palm leaves that are richly bloom. Adorn the table with the same tone color.